My name is Andrey Tataranovich and I greeting you at my home page. Russian is my primary language.

PGP info

Key Type: RSA/4096
Key ID: 0x385864F9373FD74C
Key fingerprint: 5157 8DEB 9835 A355 118E F244 3858 64F9 373F D74C

You can download my GPG public key here.


When I have enough free time I post to my blog.

My stuff

Debian/Ubuntu packages

All my debian packages can be found in my repository. If you want you may browse it.


Almost all my public projects available at GitHub.com. Some things still not transfered, but I plan to do this in the near future.

Midnight Commander buildbot

I start to maintain build environment for midnight commander debian/ubuntu packages. More information can be found here.

DIY electronics

One of my favourite free-time activities is DIY electronics. I described some of my projects in my blog. You can find them by label electronics.